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Kavitha's Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom Trust

It's an registered Trust and works for an underprivileged and needy people our main moto is to create all kind of social awareness among underprivileged people, Rural areas and help them in all possible ways.. feeding the needy,Installing FOOD BANKS creating awareness of health,hygiene, importance of education, child abuse, women harassment, women empowerment, saving the nature and animals, lending hands to physically challenged people, special children, old aged people and includes lot more charity and awareness projects...This Trust is for those who r interested in helping the needy..

Let us try to feed atleast one homeless person by cooking an extra meal a day also by installing Food banks in and around Tirupur and other places. This forum is purely to discuss how to help the homeless and needy people in tirupur and to fulfill their needs ... INI ORU VIDHI SEIVOM ATHAI ENTHA NAALUM KAPOM.

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Our Mission

Kavitha's Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom Trust

Child Abuse

Voicing out against child abuse and educate the children about good touch and bad touch.

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Feed the Homeless Needy

Distributing free food to homeless and hungry as food is the most important in life and we strive to

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Women Harassment

By giving them more courage and to be strong to face life and bring the truth out to the world and

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Save Nature & Animals

To create awareness of importance of trees and animals among people and children by insisting

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Food Bank

Install food banks at necessary location for the benefit of needy and homeless people to eat with

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Charity For Education

Identify the deserving needy children and help them towards their school fees.and work towards providing

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Caring Special Childrens

we realize that babies, infants and children living with disabilities or special needs have

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What We do?

If u can't feed hundred atleast feed one

Many of us enjoy three nutrious meals a day but many strive to have atleast one decent meal per day. We try to provide a decent home cooked meal to the needy on regular intervals.

We have also installed for Food Banks in various Prime locations where general public can keep good food in the fridge and the needy can be benefited by it.

Provide Education Help to needy students

We provide financial help to needy children who are unable to continue their studies especially for the single parent.

We also provide motivational speeches to children and also give free counselling apart form that create awareness about health, hygiene and humanity.

Voice out for people's common problems

For any good cause needs to be supported we lend a hand to support.

Improve Standard of Living of Rural Areas

Identify the rural areas villages communicate with the people and improve their standard of living by providing them basic Amenities like conduct health camps, providing free tutions etc.

Create Awareness among Youngsters and women

We to create awareness to students by giving motivational speeches at institutions and cover topics of food wastage, Women harassment, initiate go green activties, health and hygiene, sanitation spreading humanity.

We are serving since 3 years
to helpless people with trust and
we are happy

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Kavitha's Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom Trust